Some video stories from our own peddling adventures around the world…

McNeilsonWheels 2 year, 20,000km world cycle honeymoon in under 7 minutes.

Adventure is closer than you think... Shot with Adventure Pedlars ( and Jake's Cured Meats ( in early November 2016 over a four day bike ride following Offa's Dyke - North to South through Wales. Proving that adventures don't have to be too complicated or difficult... With thanks to the support from Alpkit and the Sonder bike range. Music by the amazing band EYRE LLEW ( used with permission. Check back soon for the full adventure documentary. Directed, filmed and edited by Brad Philp. Filmed on a Nikon D600 with 24mm, 50mm and 70-200mm lenses and a GoPro.
Adventure Pedlars setting out from Cadderlie bothy in January 2017. Shot using Sony RX100.
In Nepal mcneilsonwheels took a break from the cycle touring life in order to rest Alice’s back and have a change of scene for a while. Pete found work in Pokhara, Nepal helping out at ‘Pokhara Mountain Bike’ ( a locally run business providing guided tours & mountain bike hire for tourists along with support for a growing number of local Nepali Mountain Bikers. This is a video he made to promote the awesome riding in the Pokhara Valley... Thanks to Jagan, Sergio, Dhan, Laxman, Laxuman, Shuman & Santaram for being so welcoming!

Since September 2012 Pete & Alice have been cycling, as their honeymoon, from their home in the UK towards New Zealand. They've crossed Europe, Eurasia, Central Asia, into India and are currently in Nepal. Whilst in both the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan and the North Indian Himalayas, Alice's back muscles spasmed; forcing her to stop riding. Undeterred, they've chosen to build a tandem out of their existing bikes in order to (hopefully) continue their journey. This is their first ride.
Pete & Alice got married and then set out to cycle across the globe for their honeymoon. Here we catch up with their journey in the Himalayas of North West India after over a year on the road. Eagerly anticipating riding on the World's highest roads they're forced to realise that things don't always go according to plan... Sometimes you just have to take the hard road.
The Pamir Highway is infamous amongst cycle tourists as one of the world's most spectacular and challenging high altitude routes. Stretching from Dushanbe in Tajikistan through to Osh in Kyrgyzstan, the road takes you through some of the most remote and harsh regions on the planet. For mcneilsonwheels, on their global honeymoon bike ride it was, in some ways, the pinnacle of the trip so far that had been eagerly and apprehensively anticipated since leaving the UK eight months previously. It turned out to be more challenging, rewarding and certainly more sociable than either of us could have imagined...
The latest instalment of mcneilsonwheels' honeymoon cycle journey across the globe. The first of 'The Stans'. Our road through Uzbekistan is documented through the amazing places and amazing people we encountered throughout this extraordinary & little known about country.
En masse cycle touring through Georgia
Doing things you probably shouldn't do with a fully loaded touring bike in NE Turkey.
A short one about turkeys... & Turkey...
5 months, 5500kms, on bikes, through Europe. Phase 1 of our Epic honeymoon bike ride to New Zealand