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Price: 1 day = £35; extra day = £20; week = £140
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2 days = £25; extra day = £5; week = £50
Includes: Seat Pack, Frame Bag, Handlebar Bag & Cockpit Bags (custom options available) Select quantity required:
Includes: 4x panniers + Handlebar bag Select quantity required:
Select the full wild camping bundle or individual items depending on what kit you already have.
Includes: Bivvy bag, tarp, sleeping mat, stove, gas, spork, and head-torch. 2 days =£25 per bundle; extra day = £5; week = £50 Select quantity required:
Tarp + guy lines and pegs 2 days = £6; extra day £2; week £15 Select quantity required:
Our waterproof bivvy bag. 2 days = £6; extra day £2; week £15. Select quantity required:
Our tough but lightweight inflatable sleeping mat. 2 days = £6; extra day £2; week = £15 Select quantity required:
Stove, gas and a spork. 2 days = £6; extra day = £2; week = £15 Select quantity required:
2 days = £2; extra day £1; week £5. Select quantity required:
We have a selection of tasty Fire-Pot Meals available at a discounted price of £6.50 each. If you have booked onto a Bike Glamping Escape or an Introductory Course, these are included in the price. Please type your selection and quantity below. Options available are: - Beef Stew with Pearl Barley - Chili Con Carne and Rice (gluten free) -Orzo Pasa Bolognese -Posh Pork and Beans (gluten free) -Spicy Pork Noodles -Dal with Rice and Spinach (vegan + gluten free) -Porcini Mushroom Risotto (vegan + gluten free) The meal choices are:
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